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Helping hurting people is my passion
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I offer therapy in a safe, fully confidential and private environment. My approach is gentle, direct and genuine. I invite individuals to talk openly and at their own pace. I provide therapy with integrity, respect and dignity. I am deeply committed to my work and embrace the courage of those who are seeking a voice in their healing  process and personal growth.


Would you like a Christian Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) to encourage you and the women you know to consider the importance of self-care to their emotional, spiritual and physical health?


Lucille’s book, Renewed, helps women understand the need to put themselves on “the list.” Through practical ideas and relatable anecdotes, readers can better understand their strengths and their passions—and address some of the underlying struggles or hurts that make them want to keep busy or minister to others to the detriment of themselves.

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My Secrets for Staying Sane During the Holidays

  The other day I walked into Costco, took a look at the crowd, and turned right around. Crowds stress me out. Traffic really does me in. During the holiday season I have be extra careful because it doesn't take much to push me overboard. The way I know I'm getting...

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Saving Faith

Early this morning, on my walk, I paid attention to the throng of traffic headed towards the high school. I thought about those teens in their cars racing to school. I thought about the burdens they carry. Were they late? Had they just had an argument with parents?...

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