the-purpose-driven-life-2Great article on mental illness and the church. According to this article, “half of evangelical, fundamentalist and born-again Christians believe prayer and Bible study alone can solve mental illness.” Isn’t it interesting that we’re willing to concede that if you’re a diabetic, you might need insulin, that it’s okay to take an Excedrin if you have a migraine, but if you suffer from depression, you ought to pray and read the Bible more?




Lucille Zimmerman is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice in Littleton, CO and an affiliate faculty teacher at Colorado Christian University.

She is also the author of Renewed: Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World. Through practical ideas and relatable anecdotes, readers can better understand their strengths and their passions—and address some of the underlying struggles or hurts that make them want to keep busy or minister to others to the detriment of themselves. Renewed can help nurture those areas of women’s lives to use them better for work, family, and service. It gives readers permission to examine where they spend their energy and time, and learn to set limits and listen to “that inner voice."