Women increasingly find themselves pulled in many directions, striving to balance the needs of others with the need to nurture themselves. This pull is often exhausting and, sometimes, can lead to resentment or burn-out. So how do we manage our work and family and faith and ministry lives if we aren’t able to take care of ourselves as we also take care of others?
Renewed helps women understand the need to put themselves on “the list.” Through practical ideas and relatable anecdotes, readers can better understand their strengths and their passions—and address some of the underlying struggles or hurts that make them want to keep busy or minister to others to the detriment of themselves. Renewed can help nurture those areas of women’s lives to use them better for work, family, and service. It gives readers permission to examine where they spend their energy and time, and learn to set limits and listen to “that inner voice.” Readers will learn to weed through the garden of their lives in order to prune, protect, and grow their own spiritual, physical, and emotional health.

Book Endorsements

Generous and wise. Renewed overflows with gentle remedies for the ailing spirit. And in sharing so much of herself, Lucille Zimmerman reveals herself to be a “wounded healer” in the finest sense of that tradition.

Tim Madigan

Senior Writer, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and author of I’m Proud of You

If you thought self-care was selfish this is the book that will change your mind.

Dr. Kevin Leman

Psychologist and New York Times Bestselling Author

What a wonderful book. For years I thought God was calling me to joy, but never happiness. This is a great book to discover the path to the happiness God has for all of us.

Stephen Arterburn

President of New Life Live and author of Every Man’s Battle

What a wonderful book. For years I thought God was calling me to joy, but never happiness. This is a great book to discover the path to the happiness God has for all of us.

Stephen Arterburn

President of New Life Live and author of Every Man’s Battle

Life really can be over-whelming…And who doesn’t want relief or a renewed sense of well-being! As a Psychologist, I can work an entire session with a client, digging in and uncovering great emotional nuggets, only to have them say, “but what do I do?” Lucille gives her readers the “what to do’s”, as she guides and encourages, through personal antidotes, sound theories, biblical applications and doable steps. She creates a path for revitalizing ourselves through her championing of self-care. This book will make you smile as you read known and unknown truths relatable to most all of us. I’m sure you too will be won over to the passion of her heart!

Jill Hubbard

PhD Clinical Psychologist, New Life Live Co-host and author of The Secrets Women Keep

Renewed is a delightful book that is easy to read and refreshing to the spirit. In her wonderfully written book, Lucille Zimmerman guides the reader on a journey of discovery and exploration of the human soul. Every chapter is vital and essential to our human development and maturity which offers the reader many invitations to growth that will yield spiritual, emotional and relational healthiness over the course of a life time. Renewed is a wonderful book to read by yourself or as a group study. It has the potential of taking any person or group to new levels of maturity. Renewed is a book I will be recommending to others for many years to come.

Rev. Milan Yerkovich

President, Relationship 180, Co Author, How We Love and How We Love Our Kids, Radio Co Host, New Life Live

This is a book that I want to give to every woman I know. It contains wisdom I wish I had at twenty, and reminders I still need at mid-life, to regularly refill my own well. Lucille shows that in order to have something to give to those we love, we have to replenish our physical, spiritual and emotional energy. With wonderful personal stories and a therapist’s keen insight, Renewed, is a like a cup of cold water to women who are parched for permission to take care of themselves.

Becky Johnson

Becky has written over 40 books. Her newest project is a memoir: We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook (Zondervan) written with her daughter, Rachel, and due out Fall, 2013. (

Lucille Zimmerman’s Renewed  is absolutely a must-read for today’s often over-worked, over-stressed, and under-rested woman. As women, we tend to put ourselves last on the list, and in our attempts to take care of everyone around us, often miss out on offering the best of ourselves as we spread ourselves way too thin. Lucille graciously invites us to take an honest look at the ways we take care of ourselves and gives those of us “driven to do” the permission to embrace the balance of nurturing ourselves in order to offer our best to those we love. You will not want to put this book down! (I know I didn’t!) I hope you can tell from the endorsement that I LOVE this book!!

Shelley Hendrix

Founder & Teacher of Church 4 Chicks

It has been my honor and pleasure to read Lucille Zimmerman’s debut book, Renewed: Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World. I am a young widow on a journey of recovery, and this book was a timely gift, dropped into my life almost as though Lucille had gift wrapped it with me in mind.

As I read, I filled pages in my journal with principles, suggestions, and encouragement for self care. Lu’s metaphors are powerful. She is vulnerable and transparent in her writing, even as she models healthy boundaries. Her voice is kind, her guidance is wise, and her heart is gentle. On a day when grief, depression, and sadness threatened to swallow me whole, I wrapped my arms around those emotions and said, “Welcome, old friend. I know how to care for you.”

Lucille writes, ‘But I believe all people, rich or poor, unloved or cared for, are informed by, benefit from, and deserve the benefits of beauty.’ In the same way, I believe all people, rich or poor, husbands or wives, in sickness or in health, in plenty or in want, deserve the gift of self care. Lucille shows us how to love ourselves.

I felt as though this book were a gift wrapped by Lucille herself, and in essence it is: this book is her heart wrapped in words.

Tricia Lott Williford

Tricia is the author of And Life Comes Back and The Thoughts and Writings of Tricia Lott Williford at